A Short Essay on Dress Code in the Schools

Dress Code in the Schools

In order to make the all-round development of learners, there are made unsparing efforts at the end of schools. To achieve this goal, all schools make certain sets of rules. Most of these rules are common in one way or the other. One such common rules are the dress code for the students. Every school has its own uniform for the students.

There are many explanations for having uniforms in schools. The most underlining reason for having a uniform is to remove the sense of discrimination among the students. When students wear a uniform, they feel a unique bond with their school-mates irrespective of their family, religious or social backgrounds.

However, there are people who oppose the prevalence of uniforms for the students in the schools. They say that it deprives children of their right to wear clothes of different colors and brands. Children have a great liking for new clothes.

But their desire for wearing clothes is suppressed by the schools. Of course, they have time to wear garments of their choice during holidays and vacations but this time is quite limited. and children do not feel satisfied with this amount of time.

Besides, there are people who hold the view that one type of uniform cannot suit all children. We all know that one color cannot suit the appearance of all children. Some children develop an inferiority complex because they think that the clothes they are wearing are not meant for their size and color.

Considering the viewpoints of different people over the dress code in the school, it is really difficult to take a stand in its favor or against it. However, considering the fact that no school has ever succeeded in allowing its students to go without uniform, we can say that it is legible to believe that there doesn’t seem any possibility in the near future of the abolition of the dress code in the schools.

The inability of any government to make laws against uniforms in the schools proves that the validity of the dress code is still worthwhile and meaningful.