A Short Essay on Working Mothers versus Non-working Mothers

Working Mothers versus Non-working Mothers

The modern age has brought in countless changes in the family, society, and nations. One of the major changes in the equality of womenfolk with their male counterparts. There was a time when the responsibility of earning the bread lay with the menfolk and the women were considered to cook the bread inside the houses and look after the children.

They were not allowed to go out of their homes. Maybe this was a good trend if we think about the balance in the household. But wasn’t it injustice with the women as far as their overall development was concerned.

Today there are many ladies who are employed in one field or the other. They think that their education goes to waste if they remain at home and do only homemaking. What about the children? Do they get the same care and time from the working mothers? Don’t the children of working mothers remain at loss?

Well, the answer is yes to some extent. But, there are people who believe that the children of working mothers are more benefitted than the ones whose mothers are simply homemakers. It is so because though the working mothers give less time to their children but they are more equipped to guide their children because of their exposure to the outer world.

They get the direct experience of the competition and difficulties prevailing in the outer world. This is how they guide their children in a better way. No doubt, it is difficult to prove the supremacy of working mothers over the non-working ones or vice-versa.

Both have their own importance. But it won’t be wrong to say that mother is always a mother whether she is working or a house maker and no one can replace her for children in the world. Someone has rightly said, “God could not be everywhere, so He created mother.”