Essay topic: An autobiography of a watch

a watch

I am a round-faced ladies’ watch. I come from a large family in Japan. A watch merchant bought me together with my siblings and sent us on a plane to Singapore.

On arrival, we were comfortably arranged in a showcase of a department store. The salesgirls handled us with care and wiped us with a clean dry cloth every day. After each round of cleaning, we would greet our potential owners with brighter smiles.

One day, a couple bought me for their daughter. Betty, my little owner, was overjoyed and took good care of me.

However, one day, she forgot to take me off her wrist when she went swimming. Poor me, I was badly choked! I was sick after that and could no longer keep accurate time. Sometimes, Betty was even late for school because of me.

Betty’s parents bought her a new waterproof digital watch and sold me to the rag-and-bone man. I was very upset. Fortunately, the rag-and-bone man gave me to his daughter, Xiaozhen. Like Betty, she took good care of me and loved me dearly.

I am old and sickly now. I may soon be of no use to anyone. Nevertheless, I feel fortunate to have had two such loving owners in my lifetime.