Article Writing Format: Objective, Steps, How To Write Article

What is Article writing?

An article is a written composition expressing the views of a person on some topic, situation, or policy. This is in fact subject writing. This means a writer puts forward what he believes instead of what the reality is. Ideas of different Writers will be different on the same subject or issue. However, the format of the article remains almost the same for all the writers.

Article writing format

A writer needs to check the following points in his/her article:


Every article must have a suitable title on the top of the page. The article can be of a single word or a phrase of not more than five words. All the naming words should begin with a capital letter in the title.


Byline means the name of the writer written just below the title of the article, e.g., `by 5hashiKanf. If the name of the writer is not given in the question, you can write by XY2; instead of your name.

Body of the Article:

Like all living organisms, an article has a head i.e., a small and catchy beginning, a trunK, i.e., a detailed description larger than the beginning and feet, i.e., a suitable conclusion which any reader would reach after reading the article.


Cohesiveness means that there should be a perfect order of sentences and passages in your article. Words, phrases, and sentences, in Passages should follow one after another in a natural order. The reader shouldn’t find the sentences and passages out of place and disorderly arranged.

Clarity of the Objective:

The writer should compose his/her article in such a manner that the reader should be able to understand whether the content is to Persuade, inform, awaken, or encourage him. When you know the objective or afro of your writing, your language gets shaped accordingly.

Abstinence from Irrelevant Matter:

The writer should not add unnecessary and Irrelevant details in his article. He should be able to separate the chaff from the Wheat.

Essentials Tips For writing an Article

  • Start brainstorming about the topic.
  • Read the question twice.
  • Give a suitable title to your article.
  • Minx up points regarding the topic.
  • Plan the beginning, middle, and conclusion of Your article.
  • Take care of the language. Language should be correct, simple, and appropriate.
  • Avoid cuttings completely in your writing.
  • Revise your article after Completing it.