Best Tips for Message Writing

What is Message Writing

This is another form of small written compositions. A message is an Informal means of communication. The receiver of the message has to examine it careFullY and pick out the most vital bits of information from it then he/she should be able to reproduce that information in order to convey it to the person for whom it is intended. Just imagine what you can do in the following situations to pass on the information to the concerned people

your science teacher has announced an extra class after school hours for you and the parents are sure to worry about your late arrival.

your school bus is about to reach your doorstep and there is a telephonic message for your father who is yet to return from his yoga class and you are alone.

you were supposed to play a match the next morning but your cousin has arrived from Paris to stay for one day only with you and you can’t play the match.

you are at home and your mother, who has forgotten mobile at home, is still to return from the market. You receive a call from Apollo Hospital about the accident of your friend.

OF course, you will write a clear and brief message and leave. Doubtlessly all OF us, whether we are a son, daughter, father, mother, employee, boss, or anything else, we write messages occasionally.

Message Writing Format

In fact, when it comes to write a message in answer to a question of 5 marks, You have to take care of certain points. You need to master the art of writing an effective message through regular practice over a period of time. Essentials OF an Effective Message

  • Make a box to write your message.
  • Write the word Message’ at the top inside the box.
  • Write the date of the message.
  • Write the time of writing the message.
  • Write a salutation with the name of the person the message is addressed to.
  • Write the body/content of the message is simple, precise, and legible language.
  • Don’t hesitate to use abbreviations and contracted forms of words

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