Essay on A Journey By Train

Railway Journey

“Travelling is a younger sort of education.”

“Journey enriched our experience and control our behavior “

journeys are always educative and pleasant during the course of the journey. we see a new place and meet many new friends our experiences are enriched particularly a journey made in a group is more memorable. from childhood, I have always been fond of the journey. I used to go on a short journey with my parents and other relatives.

My joys knew no Bond when I came to know that my uncle marriage was fixed at Delhi. ‘I’he very imagination of such a long journey with friends and relatives gave me great pleasure.

A Compartment was reserved for the Barat in Kalinga Utkal Express. All preparations for the marriage ceremony were made, invitations were distributed and sweets were prepared, A number of friends and relatives assembled on the appointed day of ‘Barat’ and all of us went to the railway station.

The railway platform was humming with various kinds of noise. The hawkers were shouting aloud to sell their-articles. There were stalls of tea, refreshments, and fruits. At last, the train came on platform No. I
and we got into our compartment. I took my seat just near the window so that I could see the outside scene.

The train was running speedily with a roaring noise of wheels. The trees and houses appeared as if they were running in the opposite direction. “the cattle were grazing on the field. We crossed many villages, towns, brooks, and rivulets then came the long bridge over Shivanath river. The cool silvery water flowing under the bridge was glistening.

After crossing many stations and big cities our train reached Nizamuddin Station the next day afternoon. “there was a rich arrangement of our reception by people from the bride’s home. We all got down with our luggage. A huge crowd waited to go out from the main gate. The coolies were carrying luggage. ‘they also tried to move fast.

Somehow we managed to get out of the station and got into the taxies arranged for us. They took us to janawasa the place fixed for our stay. The marriage ceremony took place at night with great pomp and show. The next day we started on our back journey with the newly married bride. After a long and pleasant pass of time, we reached Raipur station.

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