Essay on A School Function (Essay on Cultural Programme in School)

A School Function
Prize Distribution Day in Our School

Schools are our temples where students are gods and teachers are worshipers.”

Parents give birth to a child but schools bring it up into a human being. Hence school is the Almamater. An all-side development of the child is brought about by the schools. In our school also competitions in various activities, other than class-room teaching, are held every year. Literary and games and sports competitions are held throughout the year but prizes are distributed on annual prize distribution day only. This year it was celebrated on the 26th January as decided by the school council of staff and students.

Preparations for this great day started at least a fortnight before. Different sub-committees of students were formed under the charge of teachers. The whole school building was decorated with colorful buntings and balloons. A Shamiyana was pitched in front of the permanent stage of the school. Chairs were arranged in rows on the red carpets under the Shamiyana. The parents of all the students and other citizens were invited to grace the occasion.

The Director of Education-was the chief guest who came exactly at 4.00 P.M. He was welcomed at the school gate and was garlanded by the Principal and the school captain. Then he was led to the stage. The audience stood up to pay respect to him. On his taking a seat on the stage. all the people took their seats in the pandal.

All the items of competition had already been completed. So the actual function of prize distribution commenced. First of all the Principal expressed his

gratitude to all those who attended the function, particularly the chief guest. Next came the student-secretary who read out a report on the various activities and achievements of the students under the guidance of their beloved Principal and respected teachers. Later came the teacher-in-charge with a list of the prize winners in different competitions.

The chief guest was requested to give away the prizes. The teacher pronounced the names of the prizes winners one by one. They came to the stage and-accepted their prize from the hands of the chief guest with honour. Every time the students and the audience clapped with joy. Then the chief guest was requested to speak a few words to encourage the students. He spoke of the importance of co-curricular activities. He was convinced that our school was one of the best schools in the state. At length, he thanked the school family and took his seat. After the end of this programme, the chief guest was requested and led to the front row in the pandal because a cultural programme was to take place on the stage.

This programme started with the Aarti of Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. Then came the turn of dances, songs and short plays, the performance of the students was very much praised by everybody. At last a ‘Sapera Dance’, was performed. It was the most attractive programme and was praised very much. At about 8.30 P.M. the Principal again came to the stage and thanked the chief guest and all other persons for attending the function and declared the closure of the programme. The Director was very much impressed with the achievements. of the students and wished a bright future for the whole school family.