1. Introduction
  2. Preparations before the Election
  3. Description of Election Scene
  4. Conclusion

India is a democratic country. Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Therefore people choose the government through elections. In our country elections are held after every five years.

This year the Parliamentary Elections were held throughout the country at the b.eginning of the year. Different political parties viz. ConoTess, Bhartiya Janta Party, Janta Dal, Communist party, and independent candidates took part in the election. Different political. parties took out processions. They also organized meetings before the public. Pamphlets and handbills were distributed.

On the day of the election, the canvassing work came to an end. approached, The election was held on the due date. A day before all preparations were made to conduct the election. The election began at seven sharp in The polling party consisted of Presiding Officer and polling the morning. officers made all arrangements to begin the election at the scheduled time. The ballot box was sealed before the polling agents who were present at the polling center.

The policeman on duty asked the voters to stand in the queue and enter the polling booth one after another. The voters arrived in large numbers. I was also a voter. I reached the polling station at about nine in the morning. The election work was going on smoothly. There was no disturbance. I want into the polling booth. Immediately my name was read aloud by the polling officer. Then another polling

the officer gave me a ballot paper and indelible ink was marked on the middle finger of my left hand. Then I was directed to go to the Polling Officer who was in charge of the ballot box. When I reached him, he gave me a seal and ballot paper and asked me to go inside the polling booth and put the seal on the ballot paper in favor of any candidate whom I wish to vote. I did accordingly and came out with the ballot paper and the seal. I returned the seal and put the ballot paper into the ballot box which was kept before the Polling officer on his table.

I found that the election work. was going on smoothly without any disturbance. The election continued till five in the evening according to the scheduled program of the election work. At five in the evening, the ballot box was sealed and was ready for depositing the same in the office of the District Election Officer, Bilaspur. It was my first experience that I went to cast my vote. It was really a thrilling experience that I enjoyed that day.