Essay On Dowry Problem


Marriage in the religion is not merely the tying of a girl and a boy for life. It is ‘SANSKAR‘. It is the joining of so many families and relations. So many rites are performed before and after the main function. These continue for a number of days and involves a lot of expenditure by both sides.

The Barat Entertainment–

The bride’s side bears the heaviest burden. It has not only to care (‘or guests and relatives or its side, it has to pay special attention to the ‘Baraties. These people behave themselves as V.V.I.P.’s and the side has to bear all their coquetry. Up to some extent it is good to entertain the guests. But sometimes it goes too far, ends in bitterness and strains in relations.


The marriage of ‘a daughter is considered as ‘Kanyadan‘ and a ‘DAN’ without ‘DAKSLIINA’ is useless. Hence the father of the bride has to give ‘Dan’ in cash and kind. Previously it might be justifiable to give some of the articles of daily use to the new couple to settle the ‘GRIHASHTHI’. But slowly and gradually it involved luxurious articles like Fridge, Scooter, Colour TV, Washing Machines etc. and big sums in cash.

A Social Evil—

The Dowry has become a social evil and it is eating away the Hindu society. All persons cannot spend so much money. The Bridegroom side extracts full advantage of the situation. A bridegroom who is highly educated or nicely employed sells himself at auction and is carried away by the highest bidder. The father of a daughter, however, good looking and highly educated his daughter might be cannot find a nice ‘Dulha’ if he does not possess enough money.


This evil must be removed from society. Some attempts have been made in this direction when it was found that the ‘Brides‘ were harassed and either they were burnt or compelled to make suicide. An Anti-Dowry law has been brought into force. Some young men and progressive and reformative persons have also tried to check it.


The measures are still not sufficiently effective. Police itself cannot take action against anybody. Secondly, the Bride side cannot run the risk of the daughter’s future. Hence the whole burden lies with the youth. If they take a vow not to accept any dowry, only then it can be controlled and checked.

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