Essay on Election Scene

“Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the

—Abraham Lincoln

India is a democratic country. It is the largest democracy in the world. Here the power- lies in the hands of the people. This power is transferred to our representatives through elections. So Elections is an important event in our country. These are held every five years for legislative assemblies as well as for the parliament.

When elections arc declared, political parties become active. Papers are filed for the election. Meetings are held and the voter is contacted. The voter listens to all. On election day, everything is ready for the polls. Long rows of voters are seen at each booth. People go in one by one and cast their votes in the ballot box.

In some places, electronic-voting machines have also been used. At this time, the party-workers help people to find their voter-list number, but they can’t go near the booth to influence-people. They can also not use vehicles to carry voters.

At places, there are clashes among workers of different parties. There are incidents of booth-capturing also. To check this, observers are sent by Election-commission. If, there are reports of such incidents repoll is ordered.

The ballot-boxes are carried under tight security to the counting-centers. Here the counting of votes takes place and the results are declared. The party that gets the majority of seats forms the government. The rest are the opposition. They win the elections next time. Though some people ironically say:

(i) “Demoerney is the government of majority and majority always consists or Cools.”
(ii) “Democracy is the government of fifty-one donkeys over rorty nine

But the above words are not wholly correct. Still, democracy is the best form of government in the civilized world of today.

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