Importance of Trees Essay


Introduction –

Trees are very important to us. They give us fruits to eat and firewood to burn. We build houses and make furniture with their wood. Trees support the of living things. They give us oxygen to breathe. They absorb the carbon-dioxide which we exhale. They produce starch for our food.

Other Services –

Trees cause rainfall. Hot days are made cool by trees. They check the surface soil of the earth from being washed away by rains. Trees also, help to prevent sudden floods.

Different Kinds of Trees –

There are various kinds of trees that fulfill our different needs. Rubber trees supply rubber. Every part of the coconut tree can be put to some use or other. The sap of the cow tree is used in place of milk.

Usefulness to Animals –

The branches of trees give shelter to millions of birds. Forests give shelter to many wild animals. The leaves of the trees are food for animals. Many insects also depend on trees for their lives.

Other Importance –

We value trees not only for their usefulness but also for their beauty. They refresh our eyes and mind. The rishis of the olden days lived in forests. They had their ashrams there. These were the centers of knowledge and learning then. Trees help to check pollution.

Urgent Need of Planting Trees –

Once upon a time, large areas of India were covered with forests. As the population grew, trees began to be cut down for man’s use. That is how a great part of forest wealth is lost. While the forests are disappearing, the demand for timber and wood is growing.

We must, therefore, protect and develop our forests. We are trying to replace this loss. Our Government wants trees to be planted all over the country: ‘Van Mahotsava’ has been started for this purpose. During this week lakhs of saplings are planted throughout the country. Trees are the country’s wealth. We must consider it our sacred duty to protect them. We should plant new trees wherever we can and look after them properly

Conclusion –

The Government has started a program of ‘Samajik Vaniki’ for this purpose. Plants are freely distributed to the citizens. They also provide advice for their care and development. It is the duty of every citizen to plant at least one tree and take its full care.

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