Essay on Newspaper (Essay on Importance of Newspaper)

Essay about Newspaper (POWER OF THE PRESS)

  1. Introduction
  2. functions of Newspapers
  3. Educative value of Newspaper
  4. Importance to business and advertisement
  5. Conclusion

Newspaper Essay Introduction – Newspapers provide us with news that comes from the four directions-North. East, West, and South and provide us news of the whole world1 The importance and popularity of newspapers have been increased with the spread of education.

Today everyone wants to read a newspaper. Newspapers have become very popular nowadays not only in towns but villages as well. Newspapers are published in various languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and several other regional languages le most important function of the Newspapers is to bring us news of the world.

Newspapers hold a very significant role in the life of a man today. They play an important part both in national and international life. In a democratic country., the Newspaper has a very important place. newspapers are the link between the Government and the common people of the society in rural and urban areas. We can very well say that the newspaper is a mighty weapon in the hands of the Government as well as the public.

The Government through their publicity department flash the news in all the newspapers of the country about their progress and development works, plans and schemes in order to help the common people learn about the welfare schemes of the Government and avail of the progress and development in all walks of their opportunity for their own lives.

India is a democratic country. Newspapers help us to form public opinion on the subjects of social and political importance. The newspapers educate the public mind and enable people to have their own opinion on matters of public importance. Newspapers comment on current events and criticize or appreciate the conduct of the Government.

It is through the newspapers that the people come to know about the various problems and thereby solve their own problems. Newspapers are readily available in the towns and villages. Those who cannot buy newspapers can get the newspapers in the public libraries. Newspapers have their own significant educative value. Various ruining to education, social problems, adventures, incidents, story and. every day life-matters are published in the .newspapers and thereby stories ample chance and opportunities to learn things of all walks

Sometimes the people fail to understand the truth. They also confuse the people and misguide them. It is, therefore, imperative on the part of the Newspapers to state the facts only and nothing beyond the facts or truth. They should not color the story of the news to misguide the common people of the society.

When we look at large the utility and advantages of Newspapers, we come to conclude that modern civic life is no longer possible without Newspapers. just in the morning, we want to have a newspaper to read along with a cup of tea & Newspapers are of great importance for the development of modern civilization. They are really of great use for the common people of the society.

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