Essay on Population Problem


Since Independence, we have been facing many problems. They are a challenge to us as a developing nation. The problem of population is one of them.

Our population today is above 115 crores second only to China. It is growing at a rate of 2% p.a. This is our greatest headache.

The main cause or the problem is illiteracy. People don’t realize that a large population is a problem, Also, better medical facilities’ have brought death-rate Child mortality has also come down, Child marriages and marriages at age also add to the problem.

The problem can be Celt everywhere. our schools, colleges, and hospitals are over-crowded. So are buses and trains. Public services find it impossible to cop-up with this load.

Unemployment is also one of the bitter results of the problem. This breeds frustration and anger among the youth. Crimes and anti-social activities are on an increase.

The government has done a lot to educate people in this regard but it has not helped much. Many NGOs are also working in this field.

The problem can be solved only .with the spread of education. We all must work at it. It is a serious problem and we can’t progress unless it is effectively solved.

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