Essay on Save Electricity

In some exams, sometimes save essays on electricity is also asked in such a way as to save electricity essay 200 words or save electricity essay 100 words.

Save Electricity Essay

Electricity is a great wonder of science. Modern life is not possible without electricity. It has really invaded all fields of human life. So please Save Electricity.

A housewife uses various gadgets which run on electricity. She uses the oven. fridge, mixer, washing machine, and electric iron. All these make her work easy.

The household contains fans, coolers, and heaters. They save us from severe weather conditions. They add to our comfort.

We use radio, tape-recorder, C.D. player and V.C.Ps. They entertain us and enrich our knowledge. They help us to pass time.

A doctor today uses many sophisticated instruments. They run on electricity. X-rays and E.C.G. etc. help the doctor to diagnose diseases. Micro-surgery is possible only with the help of sensitive electronic apparatus.

Trains run on electricity. Roads are lighted by it. Factories that produce consumer goods for us are run on electricity. Buses, cars, and scooters have electronic parts. Multi-story buildings have lifts. Banks use electronic alarms to safeguard our money.

Farmers use pumps and other machines which run on electricity. There is not a field of life where electricity is not used. In fact, its excessive use has brought about the problem of its shortage. We however hope that alternative sources of electricity will be discovered and life would continue to move as happily as ever.

Electricity is a life-line of all modern development.