Outline of the Essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Science in the field of Communication
  3. Inventions of Useful Machines
  4. Inventions of wonderful medicines
  5. Inventions and discoveries for Human Comforts
  6. Means of Recreations
  7. Conclusion

The present age is the age of science. Science has achieved wonders in every walk of life. The blessings of science are indeed great and wonderful. It has increased human comfort. Science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf, and limbs to the crippled.

Science has invented modern means of communication. Railways have made our journeys swift and comfortable. Airplanes are used for fast travel and transport. Man can now fly like birds. Sea-voyage has also now become safe and comfortable The entire world has now become like a small family.

Science has industrialized the whole world. It has invented a lot of machines which are useful for man’s everyday life. Everything that we use every day in our domestic life such as electric iron, fans, heaters, coolers, electric light, and bulbs are all made by machines. we cook our food, plow our fields, use several types of machines for our domestic purposes and comforts. These machines help human beings and save time and energy.

In the field of medical science, new medicines and drugs have been made. In the field of surgery also modem tools and equipment have been made. Human pain and suffering have been conquered. Science has increased the life-span of humans. beings. Science has invented wonderful drugs and injections which are useful for saving human life. Major operations can be performed with the help of modem means of surgery. The wonderful part of the story of science is that different parts of the human body can be replaced by artificial ones such as broken limbs, legs, and several parts of the body.

Human comforts have been increased with the help of science. Electricity has also created wonders in the life of human beings. In summer we enjoy a cool breeze with electric fans In winter, heaters are used to heat the rooms. Modem means of recreations such as cinema; television. tape-recorders and musical instruments are available to us for our amusement. Science is indeed a great blessing for mankind.

The utility of science in our everyday life is unlimited. Inventions of science should not be misused. They should not be used against mankind as the terrorists do by using human bombs attached to their bodies and take the lives of others. The victory of science over darkness, ignorance, and human miseries has been proclaimed. In this way, science has proved itself as a good servant to serve human beings. Science has made our lives comfortable and joyous.