Essay On Television (Doordarshan)


I. Introduction—Tele is a prefix and vision is the base word. Tele means coming from very far and vision means scene. So the scene that comes from a great distance is called Television. The Credit for the invention of television goes to John Logie Baird (1888-1946). Television is a great miracle Of modern science. We can see the happenings going on at far Off places sitting in our homes.

2. For western countries television is not a new thing. They have been enjoying it for a long time. After the successful launch of satellites, it became possible to send television signals even across the oceans. And now with the help of international satellites, it is possible to show television pictures in all the parts of the world together.

3. Television (or more popularly known TV) was staffed in 1959 in India. It started in Delhi and its range was only 10 to 12 kilometers. Afterward, Bombay got its benefit. The rest of the country waited for this opportunity for a long time. During the rule of Smt. Indira Gandhi the expansion program of TV was taken into hand. It was considered that TV has mass educative value.

4. With the launching of Inserts (our own satellites) a great revolution started. Now it became possible to cover a great part of the country. In 1978-79 color transmission started. During Asiad 1982 Television spread far and Wide. Now-a- days about 90% of the population in India has been brought under the range of TV Relay transmitters that have been established throughout the country.

5. Television is a homely means of entertainment and education. Movies are shown on the TV Screen. We get a rich feast of dances and music too. The lovers of sports can see the test matches on their television sets. People and students can watch various educational programs on it. Farmers are given farm knowledge through it. TV serials have become very popular. Television also helps traders. They advertise their goods through it.

6. TV has given employment to many persons. Several TV shops have been opened. The mechanics and repairers also earn a lot. Several artists who did not get an opportunity on the big screen got the chance on ‘the small screen. In TV serials many artists have got employment. The technicians and many others also got employment opportunities. some time television helps students to read books by some education programs so we called here this the importance of television for students.

7. Television has given us new ways of life. Ladies sitting at home have come to know more about the world. Children get a wider experience of life through television. Common people come to know various social, economic, and political problems of the country through it.

8. With the establishment of cable TV we are able to enjoy several TV programs of other stations as Zee TV, Star TV, A.T.N., etc. Television has become now like radio. We can see the program of the stations of our choice.

9. There are certain disadvantages too. It keeps the students away from classrooms and their books. When ‘ICC Matches are telecasted, many people leave their work and sit before television sets. Continuous watching of television programs has a bad effect on the eyes. Costly advertisements are making consumer goods more costly.

10.Conclusion—However, indiscriminate use Of anything is the bed. If properly used, TV is beneficial to all. It saves a lot of time and money when we see entertaining programs at our home instead of going to the cinema. It has compelled the persons who were in the habit of remaining out in their leisure loitering here and there to remain at home. It has increased the importance of enjoying home life.

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