Essay on TELEVISION in English

Importance of Television

  1. Introduction
  2. History of Television
  3. Usefulness of Television
  4. Television and Education
  5. Evil Effects of Television
  6. Conclusion

We live in the age of -science. . Science has provided us with countless inventions and discoveries. Television is one of the latest wonders of science. By the radio, we can only hear the voice, but by the television, we call also, see the face of the speaker. We have to, switch on the television, and we can both see and hear a popular leader speaking on a public platform, or a film is exhibited or a cricket match is played in any part of the world.

Television was invented by J.L. Baird, who was a great scientist in Scotland. He made the invention of television in 1922. The history •of television in India is hardly 3o years old. A few years. ago, there were hardly a few television transmission centers in our country. Today we have as many as 250 television transmission centers in the country. Television is very useful to society.

The advantages of television are so many that all efforts should be made to provide the country with a nationwide television service at the earliest possible time. Television is an important means of recreation and entertainment. Now-a days television is so popular that every house affords to keep a television set at home for recreation.

Now we need not go anywhere for our recreation Television is the most suitable medium for mass communication and education. The government fully uses the television for wire publicity for their progress and development being done in the rural and urban areas. television can be used by the Government as a powerful means of propaganda and for the formation of public opinion in respect of social, economic, and political matters for the common good and welfare of the society. Television is considered essential for the success of planning.

Television is not a mere means of entertainment. It has much educative and cultural significance. It provides us with many educative programmes. There are useful programmes for students on television The television provides special programmes for the villages. There are regular U.G.C. programmes for the advantages of the students. There are also Quiz programmes about general knowledge; science, games and sports. ‘Krishi Darshan’ programme is also useful For the farmers.

Television has also some disadvantages. Students spend much time watching television programs. They neglect their studies as well as games and sports. Doctors are also of the opinion that watching television for a long duration is very much harmful to eyes. ‘he eye-sight gets weak due to watching television for the longer oration of time.

Television has a bright future in our country. It is an important [eans of national unity and integration. It can bring great changes can the life of villagers. It can prove to be an important means of education. The television plays a vital’. role in removing social evils from society. Television is a powerful .medium for making prosperity in the country. Television helps us to be better informed about the world.

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