Essay on THE NEED OF FAMILY PLANNING (Essay about Population)


  1. Introduction
  2. Growth of Population
  3. Population Explosion and its Evil Effects
  4. Population Control and Family Planning
  5. Conclusion

The problem of population is one of the major problems of India. the population of our country is increasing day by day. The population of India was 46 crores at the beginning of this century. In 1971, the population was increased to 53 crores. In 1981, it was increased to 68 crores In 1991, the population of India was increased to 85 crores.

There are various causes for the growth of the population! In ancient times, the population was automatically controlled by natural calamity, war, earthquake, storm, floods, starvation. Villagers do not pay attention to a small family and because of ignorance and illiteracy the villagers have large families and thereby suffer from all Ignorance is the main cause of all evils. Usually ignorant people have a large number of children. They think that it is the blessing of God that they have a larger number of children who will help them in their agriculture and house-hold business.

Their orthodox way of thinking does not allow them to interfere with the work of God by whose blessings they have a large family. We can, however, help them by educating them and to realize that small famil will make them happy in life.

It is the age of science. There are many scientific methods of family planning Medicine operations and other devices. By education, people can be very well educated to adopt Planning with the help of Government hospitals.

There are other devices also. . people should exercise self restraint in the married life. people should also marry late. National methods,

of self-restraint are useful for a good, healthy, and happy life. of fact, proper However, people feel that they not very much practicable in life. As a matter, action should be used by educating the people to adopt family planning. The success of family planning depends on the proper education of people. The government has made adequate efforts to educate people to adopt family planning. The Government of India has also given priority to the family planning program in the urban and rural areas. Have also given financial incentives to the people who adopt family planning.

Family planning is the only right method of control and checks over the growing population. If family planning is property introduced in the rural areas, it will solve many social and economic problems. the government has introduced a number of schemes to .educate’ people in this direction. Family planning units have been opened at the block and tahsil levels and they are being supervised and controlled by the District Hospitals or the government hospitals run at the. Tahsil levels. We hope that we would be able to control and check the growth of populating by adopting family planning.