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Essay on Women

importance of women empowerment

From the very beginning, women have had an important place in Indian society. Here we are discussing Women Empowerment and some other things related to women. It is the goddess and the worshiper. In the words of Manu, “Yatra Narayastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devta” means where the woman is respected,

the deity resides there. Women and men are complementary to each other. In the absence of one, the personality of the other is incomplete. The woman is the creator of the nation. Although he is as gentle as a man, his heart is stronger than a man.

Status of Women in a Changing Society

The woman is the most important power that inspires the progress of men and is the symbol of love, kindness, and sacrifice. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, he is a true figure of non-violence. In India, in the ancient Vedic period, women had the same rights as men. She continued to enjoy these rights before the establishment of Muslim rule in India. In the Vedic era, she was respected as a goddess in society. In the Vedic era marriage between man and woman was considered a sacred ceremony. In the Rigveda, the woman is considered to be the man’s closest companion. It’s called Women Empowerment.

Women and Politics

Politics was probably not considered a good thing in any era. Yet since the beginning of development, man is compelled to do politics and participate in political work. When mankind started living in the initial stage of creation, coming out of the caves, coming down from the trees, making small slums, since then politics has entered its life, it is a well-known fact that if In the initial stage, the head of human gangs used to be a woman. And the world of women remained confined till the boundary of the house. Nevertheless, it is clear from the Puranas and history microscopic study that in every era women have been participating in more or fewer politics.

Women and Fashion

The woman is the ultimate unique part of life and society. The truth is that slogan-less life and society cannot be imagined at all. She is the mother, the mother, the reason for the existence of all men, family, and world. What has not happened or is happening in the world. The woman lives as an inspiration in her West. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, sayings and sayings, in the Indian life and tradition, the woman has eaten half the power and even the Goddess. This is why she is soft and beautiful. It is also believed that man is a lover of beauty by nature, that is why he wants to see every element and substance around him as beautiful

Nation-building and women

Be it a woman or a man, the nation and every person related to it has a deep connection among themselves. The nation is the name of a broader emotional power. It is because of the existence of human beings that it takes its subtle or abstract form. The people of the nation also remain safe because of that. Therefore, when we talk about human beings, the existence of a woman with a man automatically becomes real. The basic form of the woman is that of the mother-earth, which not only gives birth to all kinds of crops, male-female but also grows and fosters from the nectar of its difference, also makes it happy and prosperous.

Women and Job

The half-life woman is no more the same today. There is no longer an area in modern India where women have not made their debut. Today, women are doing service from normal to highest positions. A woman in the police and army is showing her workability and amazing employability. Today, many women are operating the industry, business, tomorrow, factories, and other types of establishments with complete success. As our medieval feudal thoughts and beliefs emerge from our social consciousness and mindset, new, scientific and egalitarian modern consciousness is developing,

Indian woman

The woman has had a special place in our society since the ancient era. In our mythological texts, a woman is considered to be revered and devotional. Our belief has been that the Dev Shaktis reside there, where the entire female caste is seen in terms of prestige and honor. The said statement of these ancient texts still holds the same importance today as it was in our ancient times. No family, society and nation can move forward in true sense unless one renounces discrimination, humiliation or hilarity towards women.

In ancient times, Indian women were seen with special respect and revered vision. Countless Indian women like Sita, Sati-Savitri, Anasuya, Gayatri etc. have proved their special place. In the then society, the presence of woman was considered important in the editing of any specific work.

Role of modern woman

In the modern era, women have a place in the social system. Like men, she receives higher education, undergoes all types of training or training and gets out of the confines of the home and places in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, etc. according to her age. Politics, scientific institute, mountaineering, sports world, police, army etc. There is no area where women do not enter. Whether or not there has been any gain from education and job, one benefit has been that she attains freedom from the male autocracy.

Economic self-reliance has increased his confidence and he is ready to face any problem. People who had a mistrust of the woman’s functionality are also becoming convinced of her ability. This is why there is no difference in the pay scales of men and women. Rather, in some occupations, women cannot do that work as efficiently as men can do it. There is no doubt that the position of women today has improved compared to the women of the last century.

Today’s woman-Women Empowerment

In modern times, women occupy the social order. Like men, she gets higher education, takes all kinds of training and gets out of the confines of the house and places in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, etc. according to her working schedule. Politics, scientific institute, mountains, sports, police, army etc. There is no area where women do not enter.

People who had a mistrust of the woman’s functionality are also becoming convinced of her ability. This is why there is no difference in the pay scales of men and women. Rather, in business, women are not able to do that work as efficiently as women can do. There is no doubt that the situation today has improved compared to the women of the last century.

Duties and ideals of the modern Indian woman

Women are said to be half part of wider life and society. Prior to the attainment of independence, many types of restrictions were imposed on his life practices. Even his slightest effort was seen as an attempt to fly away. He was often not even educated. Even if it was given, then just taught to read and write, so that it can read religious texts like Ramayana-Mahabharata, etc.

If more and more opportunities arise, we can write a letter sheet. It was still possible only in big cities, not in towns and villages at all. The women of families who considered themselves rich and modern gradually started going to school and college, but many types of blasts were put on them. “Butterflies and” bees are given the title. Aryasamaj, later Sanatan Dharma, Brahmasamaj here in Bengal, etc., the efforts of Nature Society Theosophical Society in Maharashtra, etc. began to show some signs of awakening in Indian women’s society. As a result, some women started appearing in the medical field as doctors and some nurses.

On the other hand, some also took the teacher’s profession by doing educational training – bus. Prior to the attainment of independence, the area of ​​Indian women’s society remained limited here generally. But there were also women with some powerful personalities who became important members by becoming members of revolutionary organizations, that is, they became part of the movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi. It is not possible to tell the history of joining such revolutionary organizations from such women, whereas the names of almost all the women who embezzled Gandhian are well known in history.

Woman’s Place in India

In India, the value and place of women have been different in different places and times. She was considered inferior to the male in the intellectual field. According to Manu, he should not get freedom in any area of ​​life. They should be under the strict control of their father in childhood, of their husband in married life, and of their sons when they are widowed.

Importance of women education, women education

As far as education is concerned, whether it is for women or men, it is equally important for both. The task of education is to awaken a person’s conscience and give him the right direction. Education serves everyone equally. However, in a developing country like India, the importance of women’s education is more so that she can guide in the task of making the future generation of the country eligible.

Children are in contact with most of the mothers. The influence of a mother’s rites, behavior, and education has had the greatest impact on the minds and minds of children. Only an educated mother can sow the seeds of all the rituals in the soft and urbane mind of the children which later become the ultimate essential for the upliftment of their society, country, and nation

In addition to the upbringing of the children, the duty of a woman is to arrange and manage her family. A woman with an educated and developed mind-mind can take proper arrangement and operation by taking care of her income, situation, the needs of every member of the household, etc. Most of the Karna families are becoming like hell in today’s era of being an uneducated wife. Therefore, the scholars have said that education is absolutely required to run the householder’s work smoothly.


Here we have discussed many topics about women. Women education, women power, women empowerment, etc., all these things went on to say that a woman is important in society, here is what she ends the essay on women empowerment Thank you for reading all of you

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