Essay topic: Are books more important than experience?

more important than experience

If someone who wants to learn how to swim or drive a car just reads through books and never experiences it himself, he cannot be successful.

This example can tell us how important it is to gain knowledge from experience. However, a larger knowledge is acquired from books since a book is a good teacher.

Almost everything can be learned through books. In fact, a book is more important than experience for three reasons.

The first reason is that some knowledge cannot be learned from experience. It is undoubted that knowledge that is recorded by scientists or people from ancient times to the present can only be acquired from books.

Books not only give us an excellent reference for things occurring in the past but also offer many ideas on what is happening in the world today and even on what may go on in the future.

Without recorded sources like books, it is hard for us to inherit a large amount of precious knowledge from our forefathers. Another example is that you can learn about outer space. Obviously, it is impossible for one to obtain such knowledge through experience.

An additional reason why knowledge from books is estimated more valuable source is that it is not only a broad and major source but also an effective way to learn.

Gaining knowledge from such sources saves plenty of time and energy. It is not necessary for a college student to test every theory in experience. In contrast to experience, books help people understand theories more quickly and even much better.

The last but not the least reason is that knowledge from experience is remarkably limited in comparison with knowledge gained from books.

As human life is limited, if one wants to improve mental powers, one had better read books. As a matter of fact, reading books extend aids to develop personality and moral integrity. Above all, books enrich us with vast knowledge.

In conclusion, it is argued that a book is a more important source of knowledge than experience. Knowledge from such sources is proven fewer errors and less time to gain.

Knowing the value of books, people should spend more time of each day reading them to receive benefits for an intellectual and active life.