Essay topic: Computers have become increasingly important and popular. Could you describe some useful ways in which computers have so far contributed


The most wonderful invention of the machine age, the computer, has been used since 1946. Since its appearance, the computer has contributed to mankind in many useful ways in every aspect.

First of all, in the accounting domain: with lightning speed and perfect accuracy, the computer can do simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division marvelously.

A computer can work 500,000 times faster than a man can with a pencil and paper. Calculations that would have taken days become a matter of minutes with computers.

Then in the study and research of scientists, historians, and sociologists not only can the computer gather facts but it can also store them as fast as they are gathered and then can pour them out whenever they are needed. In this way, the computer is really a high-powered memory machine capable of answering all problems and questions.

Next in the navigation and aviation scopes: with the computer, pilots and sailors can avoid all dangers on their itinerary. It helps them direct their flights and voyages from this city to another one, and control airspeeds and altitudes when their planes land or take off. How could NASA solve all the problems of space shuttles without its computers?

Finally in the constructing and designing fields: besides gathering and storing information the computer can solve complicated problems that took man-months to do. They have been used by building companies.

From the architect’s original plan, the computers can derive new plans according to a new type of environment, the cost of building, and so on…To sum up, we dare say that there is practically no limit to what computers can do and their contributions to our modern life are boundless.