Essay topic: A day when everything went wrong

A day when everything went wrong

It was a bright and sunny day. Little did I expect it to be an unlucky one for me. I went to school early because I was on class duty. I stepped into the classroom and was surprised to find it spick and span.

I was pleased that I did not have to clean the classroom and went off cheerfully for the flag-rising ceremony. When I returned to my classroom, later on, my teacher scolded me for not cleaning the classroom.

It was then that I realized I had gone into the wrong classroom earlier on. My teacher put me on duty again the next day as punishment.

Just then, the school dental nurse walked into the classroom. To my dismay, I was called up for a dental check-up.

The dentist found a badly decayed tooth and pulled it out mercilessly. I was close to tears. The dentist advised me to take porridge during recess. However, I ended up scalding my tongue because I ate the hot porridge in a hurry.

After school, I missed the bus and reached home later than usual. In the kitchen, I found a note from my mother saying that she had brought my brother to a funfair.

They had left without me after much waiting. What hard luck! I would not want to live through another such day!