Essay topic: Describe a teacher’s day.

A teacher’s day

Teachers’ Day falls on the twentieth of November. Every year, our school will celebrate this day by holding a concert, especially for the principal and teachers. This year was no exception.

On that day, the whole school proceeded to the hall after the morning assembly. Every class was involved in the concert.

There were dances, sketches, mimes, and songs. All the performers did their best and the concert was a great success.

After the concert, we went back to our classes to have our class parties. My classroom was transformed into a party hall.

When our form teacher came into the class, she was very surprised indeed. We had food, drinks, and presents for her. Some of us even made cards for her and she was very touched.

At the end of the day, everyone was in a good mood. I felt that, as students, we should thank our teachers for teaching us our lessons so patiently and cheerfully.

What better opportunity is there for us to show our appreciation than on Teacher’s Day?