Essay topic: Talk about a fire drill

A fire drill

Fire drills help students to be prepared mentally and physically when a fire breaks out. It is held in all schools. My school is no exception.

Yesterday, when we were attending an English lesson, the school bell rang continuously. The whole class did not know what was going on. Our form teacher, Miss Li, realized that it was a fire drill and told us so.

All of us got up from our seats immediately and queued up in an orderly manner along the corridor. With the class register in her hands, Miss Li led us to the field. We walked swiftly. At the field, we saw the other classes and teachers gathering excitedly.

Miss Li then took our class attendance, making sure that everyone was present. When everyone was in the field, our principal made a short speech.

He said that we had responded rather well to the fire drill. However, he felt that we could have done better.

Firstly we took quite a while to realize what the ringing of the bell meant. Secondly, some students wasted time packing their books. The fire drill had indeed been beneficial