Essay topic: Talk about a rainy morning

a rainy morning

Outside poured the rain. It was so snug and comfortable in bed. I did not want to get up, but unfortunately, it was a Monday morning.

I could see the light of morning coming through my window and I knew I had to get up. Why can’t today be Sunday? I thought. Then I would not have to get out of the warm bed.

It was so pleasant there. However, the rain did not care whether it was a Monday or a Sunday. So I reluctantly got up. After going through my morning routine in the toilet, I felt a little more alive.

The warm bed was still inviting but I had to get ready to go to school. So I dressed up, picked up my bag and descended the stairs to the dining room below. My parents, sisters, and brothers were already having their breakfast.

I sat down and helped myself. Everyone was quiet as we ate our breakfast. Anyway, the noise made by the pouring rain made conversation a bit hard, and recently awakened people tended to be on the quiet side.

Anyway rain always made me hungry, so I had a hearty breakfast. Although the time showed seven, the sky was still not very bright. The dark clouds and the pouring rain kept the sky looking drab and grey.

My father said that we have to get going, rain or not, or we would be late for school. My mother countered by saying that it was better to be late than wet. My father relented and so we waited for a while in the house for the rain to subside.

Fifteen minutes later, the rain slowed down sufficiently for my father to reserve out his car. We all packed ourselves into it, all five children. We waved farewell to our mother and soon we were on our way to school.

My father drove very carefully. He switched on the headlights and wiper. Soon the screen misted up and he had to switch on the air conditioner. On the way to school, I saw other not-so-fortunate schoolchildren and adults walking along the road or waiting for the bus.

Each of them had some kind of raincoat on or carried an umbrella. There were puddles of water on the road, by the side of the road, in fact, everywhere. The rain had not stopped and the drains were filled to the brim.

Water overflowed onto the road, making it hazardous for the users. Anyhow, we arrived at our schools without any mishaps.

My sisters got out at the convent while my brothers and I went further on to another school. The rain had slowed to a drizzle so as soon as we got out of the car, we dashed to our classrooms. We had to be careful not to slip.

Anyway, we made it to our classrooms. Some of my classmates were already there. Some were soaking wet while others were slightly wet like me. The school bell rang, but not even half of the class was present. Even the teacher had not come.

So we sat down in the class and waited for the others to come. Meantime there was nothing to do but to talk with each other and wished that we were all in our warm beds. Outside it drizzled on.

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