Essay topic: Talk about your neighbors

Talk about your neighbors

Some neighbors are good while some are bad. My neighbors are good. The Lim family lives next door on our right. Mr. Lim is a post-master and Mrs. Lim is a housewife. They have two adorable children: a boy and a pretty girl.

Mr. Lim is a very helpful man. He helps to pay our telephone bills for us. Whenever we have any letters or parcels to post, we give them to Mr. Lim and he posts them for us.

Mrs. Lim takes great pride in her garden. She grows all kinds of plants. Her garden is always full of brightly colored flowers. She helps me with my garden. She has taught me a lot of things about gardening.

She is a good cook and loves baking delicious cakes for her family and neighbors. The Lims are friendly, helpful, and honest people.

The neighbors who live on our left are Mr. and Mrs. Rao. Mr. Rao is a businessman. He deals in carpets and owns a big carpet shop. Mrs. Rao is a schoolteacher. They have no children. Mr. Rao is rarely at home.

He is always away on business trips. We only see him on Sundays. Mrs. Rao loves children. She used to buy sweets and chocolates for the children in the neighborhood. On every Deepavali eve, the Raos hold a children’s party.

All the children in the neighborhood are invited. We enjoy going to the party. All kinds of cakes, sweets, and ice creams are served. At the end of the party, presents are given to all the children. I like my neighbors. I feel very fortunate to have such good neighbors.

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