Essay topic: Talk about your two interesting classmates

your two interesting classmates

Prefects are driven crazy by our mischief, and teachers are perplexed by the lack of consistency in our work, but the principal is always impressed by our angelic behavior every time he enters our “little home”.

It may seem, from this description, that we are actors or professional deceivers. We are, however, a group of teenagers who spend most of our time together in our cramped but cozy classroom.

Our school is an all-girl school. Thus where behavior within the classroom is concerned, we are completely uninhibited. It is no wonder that an observer can often see unusual manifestations of peculiar behavior.

There are two particularly interesting characters in my class who, I am sure, I will remember for a long time. The first one is “Hero” as we call her. She is a pretty girl, with dimpled rosy cheeks. However, her build does not suit her lovely face. She has straight shoulders that swing from side to side when she walks, and she even walks like a man.

She is tall and has strong muscular legs. She has earned her title justly as she always defends us when big boys from the neighboring schools bully us. She even fights for us. She does not have to worry about revealing too much of her legs while fighting as she perpetually wears knee-length shorts under her skirt.

The funny thing is that none of the girls envy her beautiful face, instead, her masculinity is the object of their admiration. Some girls will even slip little gifts into their bags. I have heard that girls are having a crush on her.

Well, whatever it is, I always feel that our “Hero” will one day be a beautiful lady, admired and courted by many men. The other character is a highly respected one. We call her our very own “Computer” as she is so good at solving mathematical problems.

While most of us spend hours trying to solve a difficult sum, she does it while walking to the canteen during the break. There was one instance when she solved a problem that our Senior Maths teacher could not solve.

The most interesting thing about her is that she does not look intelligent at all. She does not wear thick glasses which is typical of the intelligent ones in our school. She is also not the quiet, inhibited, and serious type. She mixes freely with all of us.

In fact, her closest friends are those who are weak in their studies. She chooses them to be her friends, and she never hesitates to help them with their problems with such clarity that our maths teacher often uses her skill and help in the classroom to advantage.

I think “Computer” has great potential and one day she will make it to the ranks of the great mathematicians and may even win a “Nobel prize”.

As time and space do not allow for a description of a few more characters in my class, I conclude with the satisfaction that I have written about the two most interesting ones. I am sure these will be remembered by all of us for a long time