1. Introduction
  2. Causes- of Unemployment
  3. Suggestions for solving the problem
  4. Conclusion

The problem of unemployment means the problem of joblessness, especially for those who are willing to work but they are not getting any jobs or employment. In our country, the problem of unemployment is very acute. Our country can not claim to be a ‘ welfare state ‘ unless the problem of unemployment is fully solved.

We know it well that our country is thickly populated. In comparison to the increase in the rate of population, jobs and employment are not available in the country. The problem of educated unemployment is very peculiar in India. ours is the only country in the world where educated people fail to get jobs and employment. It is also unfortunate that ordinary graduates are unfit for any work except clerical jobs. This also increases unemployment. Machines are also responsible for joblessness or unemployment.

As a matter of fact, the problem of unemployment is mainly economic. It is, therefore, essential that the economic policy of the country should be improved for the benefit of the economic development of the country as well as for the common good and welfare of the society. It is also desirable that the system of education should be reviewed and changed according to the need and requirements of the country.

Special attention should be paid to vocational and technical education. When people receive vocational and technical education, they will not run after services in Government offices only. They can start their own work on the basis of their vocational and technical training. Uneducated people are also unemployed. The landless laborers have nothing to do. The main reason is that big farms use machines for their work and hence the laborers are out of employment or jobs.

For solving this great problem, it is but essential that the population must be checked and controlled. This will help us to provide adequate jobs and employment to the persons if we are successful in controlling the growth of the population. Family planning should also be adopted to check emphasized. The present system of education should also be made practical must be the population. The value and importance of small family not only in terms of seeking employment, but the eduction must also ake the people the useful citizens of the society. The cottage industry should be developed for the rural areas.

As a matter of fact, our country cannot make any adequate progress and development unless the problem of unemployment linked with growth read if the persons of the population are properly solved. Many social evils are sp remain unemployed. Unrest and disorder are also created in society. It is, therefore, imperative on the part of the Government to solve this problem for the adequate progress and prosperity of the country.