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Full form of all Acronym start with ‘F’ letter



  1. FATCA Full Form – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  2. FAX Full Form – Facsimile
  3. FBI Full Form – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  4. FCCB Full Form – Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
  5. FCI Full Form – Food Corporation of India
  6. FDI Full Form – Foreign Direct Investment
  7. FEMA Full Form – Foreign Exchange Management Act
  8. FHR Full Form – Fetal Heart Rate
  9. FICCI Full Form – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  10. FIFA Full Form – Federation Internationale de Football Association
  11. FIR Full Form – First Information Report
  12. FMCG Full Form – Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  13. FM Full Form – Frequency Modulation
  14. FOB Full Form – Free on Board
  15. FOMO Full Form – Fear of Missing Out
  16. F.O.R Full Form – Freight on Road
  17. FORTRAN Full Form – FORmula TRANslation
  18. FSSAI Full Form – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
  19. FTP Full Form – File Transfer Protocol
  20. FUP Full Form – Fair Usage Policy
  21. FYI Full Form – For Your Information

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