Full form of all Acronym start with ‘L’ letter

  1. LASER Full Form – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  2. LBS Full Form – Pound-Mass or Pound & Location Based Service
  3. LCD Full Form – Liquid Cristal Display
  4. LDL Full Form – Low-Density Lipoprotein
  5. LED Full Form – Light Emitting Diode
  6. LFT Full Form – Liver Function Tests
  7. LG Full Form – Lieutenant Governor, Lucky Goldstar
  8. LGBT Full Form – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
  9. LIC Full Form – Life Insurance Corporation of India
  10. LKG Full Form – Lower Kindergarten
  11. LLB Full Form – Legum Baccalaureus in Latin, Bachelor of Laws
  12. LLM Full Form – Legum Magister
  13. LLP Full Form – Limited Liability Partnership
  14. LMAO Full Form – Laughing My A** Off
  15. LMFAO Full Form – Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
  16. LOL Full Form – Laughing Out Loud
  17. LPG Full Form – Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  18. L&T Full Form – Larsen and Toubro
  19. LTE Full Form – Long Term Evolution
  20. LOVE Full Form – No, but can be Life’s Only Valuable Emotion, Long Lasting Original Valuable Emotion

A to Z Full Form List

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