Importance of Discipline Essay – English Essay | lack of discipline in our society

Importance of Discipline


Importance of discipline in life

Importance of discipline in student’s life | Importance Of Discipline Paragraph

“Unity, Faith, and Discipline” are the three words. Unity is a great force. Faith means firm belief.

Discipline is necessary for every field of life. It is a system of commands and performance of own, regularly and with the compliance of orders. There are two kinds of discipline which are external discipline and internal discipline.

External discipline is always enforced by a competent authority. Internal discipline is according to the internal needs, capacities, and temperaments of the individuals. It creates a sense of responsibility and helps to perform honestly. Social discipline means to lead a successful life by acting upon social values and traditions. Discipline attracts individuals to constructive and positive activities. It helps in making a good educational system. It creates a sense of responsibility and produces self-confidence among people. It trains people to respect the law and cultural traditions.

The training of mind and character to produce self-control and habits of obedience is called discipline. Man is superior to all creatures because he obeys the laws of nature and passes this life with discipline. Discipline is not only found in human beings but it can be observed in many animals. Aunts are gathered to take away a food particle and thus show great discipline for the elephants show discipline to fight their enemies.

Discipline means obeying such rules and laws which make life peaceful and provides success during something. There is great importance of discipline in life. All the objects of nature can perform their duties properly because they show discipline and obey the rules which have been made by almighty Allah for them.

The animals are successful to survive on this earth because they show discipline. The training of discipline in life is necessary to get success in doing something. This is the main reason that all the students are given proper training in discipline in an educational institution.

The soldiers of the armed forces in a country are also given proper training in discipline so that they will be able to perform their duties successfully. Family is the basic social institution of society. Every family gives the education of discipline to its children so that they obey the values and culture of the family and show them in society.

Similarly, every society has its own rules and laws which cultivate discipline for the citizens. Those citizens who pass their lives according to the discipline of their society enjoy full benefits. In personal life, discipline cultivates good habits and moral values which leads a person to great success. In a school, those students who show discipline receive great respect and are liked by all. Similarly, those citizens who show discipline according to the values, culture, and laws of the society receive great honor in society, hence it is said that discipline is necessary for all in every aspect of life.

Discipline has great importance in our society but a lack of discipline creates an atmosphere of conflict and panic in society. Now if we view our society then it is clear that negligence of discipline is common everywhere. People in our society do not care about discipline in our society. If we see traffic on roads then it is clear that people do not obey the traffic laws properly everyone looks in hurry and moves fast without earning his own life and the life of others.

People standing in rows during the payment of utility bills or submission of their forms do not show discipline everyone wants to move forwards by neglecting the other, this attitude is dangerous from a moral, point of view, People do not obey the rules and regulations properly which society has given to them, they show selfishness and do not heritable in violation of laws. This behavior of people creates an atmosphere of lack of discipline and lack of discipline in their society results the panic and disintegration in society. People in our society should realize the importance of discipline and try to adopt discipline in every walk of life.

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