‘Letter to the Chairman of Municipal Committee emphasizing the need for a library in a certain village’

Need for a library in a certain village

House No.- XXX
TG Nagar

January 7th, 2015

The Chairman
Municipal Committee,

Subject: Need for a Library


The residents of Basai have always looked forward to you for providing better civic amenities to this village which is fast getting urbanized. You have helped this village to upgrade the middle school to class tenth. T.V. sets have been for public viewing. But, unfortunately the village lacks a library.

There is no source of recreation for anyone. The young and old are compelled to spend their leisure time glued to the T.V. or indulging in useless gossip.

The village library can change their way of living. It will upgrade and update their knowledge and upgrade the school learning.

It will keep them abreast with new information and will equipped them with technical and scientific knowledge for improving the yields of their forms.

If a suitable plot of land is allowed, and some library grant is provided the village shall raise funds to build a small library.

Thanking you.

Yours’ faithfully