My Favourite Story Book Essay

The Book I Like the Most

Or My Favourite Book A poet said this about books: “My never-failing friends are they, With them, I converse day-by-day.” “Some books are to be tasted, some are to be swallowed …. and there are some which are to be chewed and digested.” —Bacon Books really are a man’s best friend. They give us knowledge, they help us to pass time, they even advise us.

I like reading books. My favorite book is ‘Ram Charit Manas’ by Tulsidas. This is the most popular book of Hindi because it is the life-story of Shri Ram. Many people like the book because it is a holy book. I like it because it is written in the language of the common people of the north.

It is also a literary work of great merit. Ram Charit Manas presents many ideals to follow – Ram is an ideal son, Seeta an ideal wife, Laxman an ideal brother, Hanuman is an ideal servant, Ram-Raj is an ideal state. One can read this book any time and every time. It gives comments on human life which are real gems. One can find answers to many of the questions that we find difficult to answer. In my onininn_ it is a great book. Everyone must read it.