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Poem on Rising in the Morning by – Hugh Rhodes



Rising in the morning

  1. A plant without moisture sweet,
    Can bring forth no good flower,
    If in youth ye lack virtue,
    In age, ye shall want honor.
  2. First, dread you, God,
    and fly from sin,
    Earthly things are mortal,
    Be thou not haughty in thy looks,
    Pride will have a fall.
  3. Rise you early in the morning,
    For it hath properties three,
    Holiness, health, and happy wealth,
    As my father taught me.
  4. At six of the clock,
    without delay, Accustom thee to rise,
    And give God thanks for thy good rest,
    When thou openest thine eyes.
  5. Pray Him also to prosper,
    thee And thine affairs in deed,
    All the day after, assure thyself,
    The better shalt thou speed.

—Hugh Rhodes

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