Quest For Fire on Essay

Quest For Fire

Quest for Fire This story happens 80,000 years ago when our ancestors first discovered the power of fire but did not know how to master it. One day, a peaceful tribe is attacked by apes and wolves. Many die in the fighting and the tribe is forced to leave their territory. They move to a small island, and on their way, they lose their treasure—fire. Fire to them is like the door to a house. Without the door, the house will not collapse. But when a robber comes, the house has no protection. Without fire, men can live, but they lose their most powerful weapon when they are attacked.

Thus, the tribe is in great danger. An attack from wolves or other beasts can easily kill them. Because they don’t know how to make fire, they send out three members of the tribe to look for fire. On their way, they save a girl but she runs away later. Then the three men are captured by another more advanced tribe (everyone in the area seems to be evolving at a different rate). In the tribe, they meet the girl who they saved earlier and one of them fell in love with the girl. They also learn how to make fire on their own.

The three men and the girl flee one day and return to the small island where their tribe is. The people of their tribe are very excited about their return and they are even more excited when they learn that they can make fire by themselves. From now on, human life no more depends on God’s favor. They can manage their own life.

In spite of causing me nearly to vomit, this movie has some good aspects. It uses excellent sound effects and perfect makeup techniques to make this movie very realistic. There is no dialogue throughout the whole movie, but the body language and gestures of the men well explain the story.

This movie makes you think a lot about our ancestors, where we came from, and how we would survive in a world where the secret of how to make fire is as momentous as we would regard the moon landing today. This movie also makes me feel grateful that I do not live 80,000 years ago. Their life is brutal and savage. They have no houses, and no cars and they have to fight with animals face to face. Compared to them, we are living in a paradise right now. Bibliography review of the movie quest for fire