Short Article on ‘Childhood is the best part of Life’ (150 Words) | Paragraph on Childhood 150 Words for CBSE / ICSE / State board

Childhood is the best part of Life

Old people say that childhood is the best part of life. They look back at their childhood and remember all its happy days. Perhaps these old folks are right. And yet they forget many things that were not so pleasant in their childhood.

There is a funny story that tells of a boy who was crying because he had to go back to school after the holidays and the father scolded him and said, “Why, I only wish I could be a boy and go to school again.”

And all in a moment, the father was a little boy and his son was a grown-up man like his father. And the father, in the shape of a little boy, had to go to school; and I can tell you he did not like it at all. A child’s troubles may seem small to grown-ups but they were very big to him. 

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