Short Essay on ‘Collecting Things’ (138 Words) | Why Do People Collect Things?

Collecting Things

‘Collecting’ has always been a pleasant pastime for children all over the world. Many different things can be made into collections. The world is full of interesting things. So, quite often children and adults too, become interested in collecting things.

People may collect anything and everything. Collecting is a great hobby. It can be different, and unique for everyone. There is no rule that says a particular kind of object must not be collected.

Stamps, shells, butterflies, hats, feathers, leaves, flowers, stones, matchbox covers, antiques, etc. are collected by people in every corner of the world. People also collect plates, costumes, cars, and thousands of other things.

There are many ways of keeping a collection. Generally, people begin collecting as a hobby. The collection of things is an enjoyable way to spend free time. Sometimes this hobby develops into a profession. 

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