Short Essay on ‘Generation Gap’ (314 Words) | Generation Gap: What It Is and Why It’s Important to Business | What is the nuclear family?

Generation Gap

A difference in opinions, values, attitudes, and lifestyles among people of different ages is called the ‘generation gap’. Due to these differences, people belonging to different generations find themselves unable to relate to each other.

This communication gap between successive generations is not a new phenomenon. Parents and children across the world have been facing this problem. Due to fast-paced modern lifestyles, parents and children hardly find time together. The children, thus unable to express their thoughts and ideas to their parents, turn to friends for advice who are as inexperienced as they are.

Today’s children are born into a competitive world and struggle to get everything. Many a time their true potential gets overshadowed in the rat race. Parents- burdened by the expectations of society- end up forcing certain subjects and careers and lives that their parents have chosen for them, and children are left lost and confused.

Parents, on the other hand, feel that in this rapidly changing society where everyone is so self-centered, it is their duty to protect their children. Parents tend to feel that their children require guidance. This cannot be denied. But their constant monitoring makes children feel oppressed and they tend to turn rebellious.

It is essential for parents to talk to their children and treat them as individuals. To be forever treated as a child can be irritating and sometimes even humiliating. Children, in turn, must reciprocate with due respect and attention. Matters such as career, lifestyle, and sensitive issues like freedom of choice of friends must be dealt with carefully and with maturity.

Love and understanding are the best antidotes to this ever-widening generation gap. Only then will children look up to their parents and parents will not be burdened with their guilt of not being there for their children in their hour of need. In this way generation gap can at least be narrowed, if not completely filled. 

What is the nuclear family?

A nuclear family is a family unit consisting of a pair of adults and their children, all of whom live together in the same household. It is called a “nuclear” family because it is the core family unit, as opposed to an extended family, which includes other relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins living in the same household. A nuclear family typically consists of a husband, wife, and biological or adopted children. It is a small, independent family unit that is self-sufficient and responsible for taking care of its own needs. The nuclear family is the most common family structure in many Western societies, although it is also found in other parts of the world.

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