Short Essay on My Hobby

My Hobby

A hobby is an activity done in free time. It is a pastime. Its main aim is enjoyment. People pursue different hobbies. Some play games or read books. Others Sing or dance or paint pictures. Still, others collect coins, books or conk, and shells

My hobby is photography. My father is also a photographer and has taught me the basics of the art. My special interest is photographing natural scenes. For this has two cameras, lots of rolls and Other necessary things. Since I am a student. I do this work during vacations only.

I go to the bank of rivers and photograph the beauty around. Sometimes I go on forest trips. •then I carry everything with me and slay there It)r days together. I photograph trees and flowers. If I am lucky, I get photographs of wild animals too. It is really thrilling. I read books and magazines on photography. I send my photographs of competitions also. I have won a few prizes too.

Photography is an expensive hobby, but it has its own charm and thrill. lt is a very good pastime. If necessary, I can take it up as a profession. There is good money in it. To do something just for pleasure is not easy. Still, I feel that everyone must have a hobby.

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