Speech writing format – How to Write a Speech

what is Speech Writing?

speech writing means Preparing the text material for oral presentation of your stand on some topic. As a written composition, speech is not much different from an article. It is so because both have a beginning, middle, and ending or conclusion. Both are aimed at presenting the ideas of the writer on some subject.

Format of speech writing

However, speech is written to be delivered personally in front of the people. It is for this reason that speech is quite interactive in tone. A speechwriter has to keep in mind the level, interest, and nature of the audience before beginning to write it.

Essentials Tips of a Good speech

  • Using a quotation to catch the attention of the audience.
  • Making a formal greeting to the audience (beginning from the chairperson and ending with the fellow speakers).
  • Introducing your topic like; “Today I stand before you all to speak on the topic….”.
  • shooting questions to the audience and answering them like; “May I ask You?, Can you believe? Have you ever heard?, Do you know? etc?”
  • Use proper pauses to make your speech appear natural.
  • Try to address every person individually bY using words like ‘you’ and ‘your.
  • Try to involve every person by using words like ‘we’ and ‘our’.
  • Maintain cohesiveness and order in the presentation of your ideas.
  • Focus on your main topic and avoid rambling.
  • Make a conclusion of your speech by saying a powerful sentence to remind Your objective behind the speech. this will make a natural ending.
  • Thank the audience for their patient hearing.

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