The Wonder of Science Essay in English | Wonders of Modern Science Essay

Wonder of Science


When one looks back to the time when men lived as savages, one can’t help but be impressed by how far we’ve come. But just imagine where our society would be without modern inventions; especially science! In many ways, everything from advanced medicine to space exploration owes its success to scientific discoveries and innovations. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t downsides – for example, all the pollution and crime in urban cities today which exist because of industrialization and technology.

The Advantages of Science

To say that science has a lot of benefits would be an understatement. The numerous advantages bestowed upon us by science know no bounds – whether it’s computer engineering or those countless hours spent studying electrical engineering, these are some things we take for granted daily!

So what if there was no electricity? What if the modern world did not exist? It wouldn’t be possible to live in this day and age without such inventions as cars, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions- you name it!

Science has had enormous impacts on the medical community as well. For example, from curing long-time illnesses to performing surgical procedures which were previously unthinkable – what other profession could boast such discoveries?

The Disadvantages of science.

As the old saying goes ‘There is no rainbow without rain’, so too does this apply to science. Anything done in excess can be toxic, and science doesn’t seem to be any different. When it falls into the wrong hands, it can destroy on a mass scale – like the creation of nuclear weapons which are enough to start wars or even wipe out entire countries. Another disadvantage is the pollution caused by scientists tinkering with nature; namely our waterways, air, plants, and animals – polluting them from existence if unchecked. Consequently, all those high-end industries that require innovation and discovery have also been responsible for an increase in unemployment as machines replace humans where work was once needed. However, you want to look at it though there seems to be some sort of downside involved when one thinks about everything science has done for us today; It makes life easier but has created its share of problems that need solving too.

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