Tips for Short Story Writing Format (outline)

What is Short Story?

The story is the most powerful way of communication. When we read a story, we get entertainment, joy, and a moral out of it. In order to write an effective story, we have to keep in our mind the following points:

Short Story Writing Format


Every story has one or two main characters and some secondary characters. Choose your characters in such a manner that they seem attractive to the readers.


setting includes the place where the action of the story will take place-you to have to decide whether the story is to be set in a village, city, town, forest, sea, or desert.


Plot means the series of events that happen in the life of your story’s characters. Think up the events which will suit your story.


The story should progress in a coherent way i.e., the events of the story should happen in a chronological manner. There can be flashbacks also in the story when the character thinks of his pastor when the reference from the past is essential, but it should be woven very carefully without looking vague or off the mark.


Every good story has a twist that puts the reader into curiosity about the next happening.


Climax means the conclusion of the story. In conclusion, all the conflicts should be settled happily.


The writer should use interesting words, phrases, and clauses to make the story appealing to the readers. However, the vocabulary should not be unnecessarily difficult and uncommon. This may lead to the rejection of the story by the reader.


The story should provide a message or moral in the end to the reader.