Topic: How should people protect and preserve natural resources?

Protect and preserve natural resources

Conservation concerns men’s safeguarding and preservation of natural resources and their responsibility for improving the environmental conditions in which he lives. An important task of conservation is the prevention of waste – waste of forests, soil, minerals, wildlife, and human life.

Trees help to preserve land because their roots bind the soil and retain water. Without trees, heavy rains will cause soil erosion and the remaining land becomes poor and worthless.

Terrible floods often occur in areas where trees are cut down in great quantity. Forest conservation also means the prevention of bushfires and the attention to planting and looking after new, young trees.

Not only should man preserve forests but he should also realize the importance of wildlife protection. Unless governments have a good system of control or pass laws restricting the hunting, fishing, and eradication of rare animals and plants, they slowly disappear.

Natural resources such as coal, gas, and mineral ores are limited but the need for them is growing day by day. As they may not last for a century, man should use them widely on the one hand, and look for alternative fuels on the other hand.

Another serious problem threatening human life is the dirtying and poisoning of air and water. This pollution is mainly caused by the fumes, chemicals, and wastes from automobiles, industries, and homes.

It is hoped that for his own benefit, man can soon find a solution to these problems.