What if the Earth were to suddenly stop spinning?

There are many things that would happen if the Earth stopped spinning. The first thing that would happen is that the air would rush to the side of the Earth that is closest to the sun because the sun is the only thing keeping the air moving.

 The air would also become very hot and would eventually start to rise. This would create huge winds that would blow around the world. The oceans would also start to move towards the side of the Earth that is closest to the sun because the sun would be making the water evaporate.

 The water would eventually start to boil and would create huge amounts of steam that would rise into the atmosphere. The steam would eventually condense and fall back down to the surface of the Earth as rain. The rain would be so heavy that it would start to flood the lower areas of the Earth.

 The water would also start to seep into the cracks in the Earth’s crust and would eventually start to erupt out of the volcanoes. The volcanoes would erupt so much that the lava would cover the entire surface of the Earth. The Earth would eventually become one big ocean of lava.

The earth’s rotation also keeps the planet’s oceans in circulation. The earth’s rotation causes the oceans to rotate as well, and this helps to distribute heat around the planet. Without the earth’s rotation, the oceans.