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Letter Writing

Write an Application for closing bank account



The Manager
State Bank of India
Delhi Branch,
City Delhi

Sub: Closure of Savings Bank Account No 12345678912


I’d like to inform you that I have A savings account in your bank with Account no. 12345678912 for the past three years. Now I am not interested to continue this account. Kindly close the account.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Ramesh Kumar
A/c no.12345678912
Address.- Delhi

You can change the Letter of this Example

Ex. 1

I have opened a savings bank account here 3 years ago. my account number is 1234567894. As I am unable to maintain the minimum balance and do not do cash transfer with this account. I want to close their account now. Kindly close the account and credit the amount to me by cash or dd.

Ex. 2

With reference to my savings bank account number with your branch as mentioned above, I am willing to close my account since I am not in need of the account further.
I am surrendering my Passbook, ATM Card, unused cheque leaves along with the application. The closure balance may please be paid in cash.


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