Essay topic: Talk about your diary

Talk about your diary.

I have a diary which has been with me for about half a year. It is a blue book given to me by my dad as a new year’s present. He hoped that I would develop the habit of writing in my diary and I am glad that I have not disappointed him.

It has become a habit for me to write in my diary every night before I go to bed. My diary knows all that happens to me; it is a silent friend who knows all my joys and grievances.

Whenever I am free, I will read my diary like I read a novel. This enables me to look back objectively at all the things that I have done. As a result, I am able to detect my mistakes and correct them.

Similarly, I will take note of the things which I have done right and will try to do even better.

I feel that keeping a diary has made me a better person. My writing skill has improved a lot. Besides, writing in my diary every night has trained me to be more disciplined and I have learned to spend my time wisely. Thus, I strongly encourage my friends to keep a diary too.

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