A visit to a Zoo Essay 500 Words

A Visit to Zoo

A zoo is a place where many kinds of animals and birds are kept in cages. These cages are fixed in the order. People from even distant places come to watch these animals and birds. A zoo is a source of great pleasure particularly for children.

Our city Delhi has a large zoo having a rare collection of wild animals and birds. My parents planned for a visit to the zoo on Sunday. I and my brother were very happy to know this. On Sunday we got ready at about 10 o’clock in the morning and started on a taxi. We reached the premises of the zoo within half an hour.

We saw that there was a great crowd of visitors in the zoo. Many foreign tourists had also come there. Different kinds of wild animals and birds were kept in different rows separately. There were two lions and a lioness, five tigers of different types, and one leopard in the first row. Many other big and small animals were kept ‘mother rows. Elephants, camels, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, deer, and foxed were Centres of attraction for children. Different species of monkeys were jumping and playing freely in two very large cages.

Various kinds of birds were jumping and flying in many cages. Some of them had wonderful colors and voices. Many of them are not found in our country. There Were parrots, cuckoos, peacocks, and nightingales also. They produced melodious sounds. Further, there were serpents and reptiles in separate cages. In a corner, there was a crocodile in a very big iron trough filled with water.

We saw all the birds and animals one after another. We were very happy to see the movements and plays of different animals and birds. In the afternoon we took tea and refreshment which my mother had brought. Then again we took a second round of the zoo. Thus we were quite tired. Before evening we returned home in a jolly mood.