Rules for writing Short Composition

Short Composition

Students’ writing skill is evaluated in five product factors: content, fluency, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Efforts should be made to score all these factors in a good measure. Then, writing is spread over a variety of purposes such as notice writing, message writing, diary entry, e-mail writing, which amount to short compositions.

Writing takes in its fold long compositions also such as factual descriptions, article writing, writing a speech, and a debate speech. Irrespective of the length each composition takes care of the five aforesaid product factors.

Time Misted Tips to Improve Writing Skills

Know the Format

As mentioned above there are many types of compositions to attempt. Every composition has its individual format. Before jumping into writing the answer, students must check the category of the composition and use the appropriate format.

Follow the Instructions

Read the instructions carefully about answering questions before answering them. Don’t exceed the word limit. If there is a choice, take up the question which you are most comfortable with

Plan your Thoughts

Give a few moments for brainstorming and planning your thoughts over the topic you have been asked to write on. Jumping into writing without planning will surely lead you to low scoring. It is so because your thoughts will not be well arranged and relevant.

Ensure Grammatical and Spelling Correctness

It is necessary to write your composition in one tense only. If you switch over from one tense too, another, it mars the impressiveness of your answer. Do take care of spellings also. Use only those words whose spelling you know properly. Ensure correct agreement of verb and subject in your sentences.

Develop a Perfect Body

It is necessary to ensure that your composition has a head i.e., a beginning, a trunk i.e., a middle, and the feet i.e., the end. Beginning and end should be of small and equal size. The middle of the composition is usually larger than the other two parts.

Adorn Your Composition

Make your composition as beautiful as possible by using simple, correct, and impressive words. However, pay due attention to the fact that you do not get carried away with this effort and use inappropriate and off the mark vocabulary.

Be a Regular Reader and Writer

In order to master the skills of writing, you need to read as many storybooks in your library as possible. After reading daily at least one short story, you must write your own compositions at home. This will help you acquire the vast storage of ideas and thoughts regarding writing.

Maintain Coherence

No piece of writing can be effective if there is no unity of thoughts in its sentences and paragraphs. It must always be ensured that a sentence is followed by the next sentence logically and, naturally. It doesn’t appear to the reader that the third sentence of the paragraph should have been first and the second should have been the third. This link of thoughts should be maintained in paragraphs also. This is known as coherence in writing. If your ideas are presented in a haphazard or wayward style, you are sure to score low.

Revise Your Composition

It is quite necessary to revise your composition after you have completed it. The revision will help you spot the errors and supply the corrections. This process will help you develop a correct, well organized, and effective composition.