Essay on A Visit To A Historical Place

A Visit to a Historical Place essay in English

There are many historical places in our country. Some of them are so important that people from foreign countries come to visit them. Mostly they have situated cither in big cities or near them. In almost all states of India, there are places of great historical importance. Such places have their value educationally also. Visits to such places give a novel angle of thinking apart from the pleasure of the tour.

It was during the Dashhera holidays that our class decided to go on a visit to Agra where the most beautiful Monument, the Tajmahal stands with all its grandeur and loveliness. Our teacher accompanied us on this tour we made this long journey by train. At agrä, we hired a big hall for our stay.

“History Makes a full man ” -Nehru

After taking a rest for a while, our teacher contacted a guide to lead us to the It was almost dusk when we reached the spot. We saw the Tajmahal, an un-equaled magnificent building situated on the bank of the sacred river ‘Yamuna‘ surrounded by beautiful gardens and ponds. Its architecture was unique. “the guide explained every historical detail to us.

The Tajmahal was built by the emperor Shahjahan in Memory or his beloved empress Mumtaz Begum. It is so finely built with marble slabs that the joints are not visible. It appears as if everything is carved .and engraved on an enormous marble stone. “the beautiful scenes of the location enhance its magnificence. ‘the guide showed us every corner of the building. We sat in the garden for a long time and enjoyed the glamour of the Taj.

Very soon night befell. It was a Moonlight night. The silvery light or the moon spread all over and the whole environment was cool and soothing. the grandeur of the glorious monument was further enhanced by the moonlight. It actually demonstrated the soft and deep feelings of Shahjahan for Mumtaj Begum.

The next day we went to see some other places of historical importance situated nearby. The other day we went to Delhi and visited the Parliament House, India Gate, and Rashtrapati Bhawan. In the end, we went to Rajghat to pay our tribute to Late Rastrapita ‘Gandhiji‘.

Finally, we started on our return journey in a cheerful All throughout the journey we talked about the pleasant experiences that we bore in our Illinois. the splendor of the had left a deep impression on our hearts. At last, we reached home in a fresh and jolly mood. I narrated the whole show to parents and younger brothers and sisters who were equally happy to hear the same.

“Really, the Taj Mahal is poetry in marble. It is a love song sung by
Shahjahan .”

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