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Television is one of the tools of the modern era that provides entertainment and education to the human being as well as entertainment. Humans, whether of any age group or Arya class or of any country, have a desire to see historical, religious, cultural places in their minds.

importance of television essay

During the war of Mahabharata in the Treta Yuga, Sanjay told the blind eye to the eyes of the war with blind eyes from his heart. Suddenly, there is no belief in this incident that there must have been some such Divya Purush who had seen the events of the war with his divine vision. But when we look at TV, the gift of science today, it seems like Sanjay is also filled with the divine vision which shows us the events of the country and abroad from his eyes. And entertains us day and night. Today TV has become a necessity for every family.

Television is a boon for humans. It has created a revolution in the field of entertainment. The programs shown on it are telecast live events abroad. The secrets of the depths of water, land, and sky are revealed. Information about science and history is provided. It is also capable of conducting public awareness programs shown on television. television influence is so wide that it plays an important role in awakening public anger towards many social evils.

It has more utility for students. Nowadays, it has also been the medium of education. Doordarshan is taught in very interesting ways of boring and difficult subjects like science, history, geography, mathematics. UGC in India programs is proof of this fact. The secrets of Prakriti that we never see, are being shown today through the Discovery Channel.

It has become possible to show the events of history which are difficult to get information through the medium of Doordarshan. An introduction to the culture of the country and abroad can be obtained from home sitting on Doordarshan. Whether it is an international sporting event or a World Cup match, it has become possible to watch on Doordarshan, whether it is an earthquake or tsunami waves. Prokop, the havoc of a volcano or any other event – has made the whole world a family and has made the idea of ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’.

This is a matter of the usefulness of television. In practice, it has come to see that television, which is so useful, today poses as a hindrance rather than being helpful to the students. Today’s youth has become so primal of television that it has forgotten its purpose. He forgets his studies and writing and sticks to television day and night, which not only hinders his studies but also affects his eyes. Talk to any parent today, they will complain that their children are on TV. Keep watching and steal life from reading.

If this is the case then it does not seem so Gambir. The thing is even more terrible. Nowadays many foreign channels have also come on television which is spreading cultural pollution in the name of entertainment. Seeing the vulgar lewd, immoral, and erotic scenes shown on them, the youth of India have forgotten their culture and are getting away from moral values ​​by confusing the glare of foreign culture.

Many types of evils are flourishing due to these programs. Scenes such as drinking, cuddling, kissing, semi-cabaret dances have such a negative effect on the soft minds of the youth that it is natural for them to deviate from the archaic elements of Indian culture.

Television is indeed a source of entertainment for humans. If the programs are also showing cultural pollution due to being shown on Doordarshan, then what is the fault of television? This is the fault of those programs. Therefore, it should put a check on the programs and should be distinguished in the true sense of Doordarshan as a medium for enlightenment, public awareness, and social awareness. The government should curb such channels.

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